Sneak peek of my upcoming single “My Love” music produced by my friend @marwanable lyrics my moi! Can’t wait to release the whole song! Very different from what I usually do has a trance/Edm style to it! Can’t wait to hit the studio and make this song happen ❤️👍😊🎵 #mylove #trance #edm #originalsong #sneakpeek #intheworks #music #ilovemusic #soubdproduction #unsignedartist #vocalist #tagforlikes

My acoustic cover of The Wanted’s first hit single “All Time Low”..great lyrics and very catchy…I have so much passion and love for this band recently:)<3 Enjoy comment, share, and like:) Check out my facebook page at

Pop Radio Stations Overplaying Top 30 Hits

I think the issue that I’m about to discuss goes without saying. As individuals who are vivid listeners of radio stations such as Z103.5, 104.5, 92.5 and so on, I think we are all aware that the underlying characteristic that these radio stations share is that they follow a monotony of playing mainstream music. I myself listen to these radio stations on a daily basis and it is not to say that they are not playing good music, but that I will be on one radio station hearing a song and then switch to another one and hear that exact same song. But, even more shocking is when I hear a particular song in the morning, and then I hear that same song in the afternoon and then again at rush hour. The aspect of continually playing the same hit song 10 times a day just makes you not enjoy that song anymore. Having to hear the same music constantly for the next month just shows how little variety these radio stations have. I understand that these radio stations are given the songs that they have to play and that by playing the same songs they are hyping up certain artists, but I just find it to be so unoriginal. One radio station that I find doesn’t mirror these actions is 102.1 the edge. Now of course this is more of a rock, Indie, and alternative radio station, but even so they don’t play the same songs 10 times a day. They maintain variety in their choices of songs to play. I will hear songs that are very catchy that I have never heard before, which is what I like to hear. 102.1 the edge, I believe stands out from the norm. In addition, even when they are not playing music the content that they discuss is to say the least relevant to the music they play. For example discussing music events that are currently happening. I find pop radio stations tend to get off topic and go on a tangent with certain topics and it feels like I am listening to a talk show on the radio. It has become a locality of gossip pertaining to matters of unrelated phenomenon’s.